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PartsRack Jon B   
PartsRack is More Than Just Parts

Jon B. of PartsRack has been a long time North American Road Racing volunteer worker and viagra online no prescription sponsor. He frequently is found helping out at the events and driving the series pace car. His passion for the Dodge Viper and for motorsports in general was strong enough that he retired from a professional career of 33 years to cialis en mexico devote his time and energy to the Viper. 



Beyond his contributions to the NARRA events, Jon has organized or participated in numerous charity events having raised more than $175,000 for the Portland Children’s Hospital. Jon is actively involved with Viper clubs and organizations around the country. Some of his personal Vipers have even made appearances in various video games!



Doris Rose joined Jon at the PartsRack team in 1999 and the pair have become known as a “go-to” source for parts, advice, and information in the online pharmacy propecia renova Viper community. Even Dodge calls him from time to time for help!



We caught up with Jon just before he was getting set for a race weekend at Road Atlanta and decide we should get a little more insight from the man himself.



NARRA: PartsRack was your creation? 



Jon B:  I helped Dan Vargas create PartsRack in 1998 with a motive to protect hard-to-find parts for Gen 1 and GT-2 Vipers.  I purchased the young company from him in year 2000 when I retired from 33 years in the airline/travel business.



NARRA:. You are an encyclopedia of Dodge Viper knowledge. We often see you responding to someone's question about a certain part or habit of a particular version of Viper. How do you keep track of buy zetia without a prescription all the changes and nuances of each generation that have been built? 



Jon B: Thanks have to go in large part to viagra buy drug Team-Viper! SRT and Dodge engineers have been so open and buy viagra online at generous in sharing information with passionate owners like me.  They are glad we care, and glad to share. I just retain it well, like an idiot-savant of Viper trivia !



NARRA: Dodge Viper owners are usually quick to upgrade components on an already high-performance car. What upgrade path do you recommend they take? Tires? Power? Brakes?



Jon B:  My answer usually goes something like this: The Viper has a TON of Power. FIRST, make it TURN better: (alignment, suspension, rubber, aero.) THEN, make it STOP better: (Fluid, pads, lines, lighter rotors/wheels, rubber, bigger brakes, aero.) Then, add Power! Most Drag Racers reverse that strategy.  Many [Viper] owners choose cosmetic mods. 



NARRA: We overheard that you have driven more Dodge Vipers than most people will ever even see in person. Have you driven every version ever built?



Jon B: I have owned 17 Vipers, including 1992 # 089;  I have also been an Instructor at many Viper events since 1995, including Viper Days and NARRA.  The Vipers I have NOT driven are:  Gen 2 GTS-R; Gen 5 GTS-R;  2016 ACR. I bow jealously to Bernie Katz at Tomball Viper Exchange, who has driven far more Vipers and exotics than I. 



NARRA: Your customer service is held in very high regard. Do you often get requests for difficult to find parts?



Jon B: As Vipers age beyond 15-20+ years, the inquires are far more frequent for obscure parts. Sadly, Dodge has discontinued a huge number of parts.  We get calls daily, and I love to help. The hunt is fun, but the reality is that if myself and staff spend 1-3 hours hunting and dismantling a good, used part,  the price has to reflect some overhead.  Sometimes "the part is FREE...the labor is $50/hr." We have also purchased-secured-saved Viper parts for 17+ years!   Storage costs. 



NARRA: You sponsor and volunteer to levitra order prescription drive the pace car for NARRA USGT races whenever you can. What track is your favorite to drive?  



Jon B: Thanks to NARRA for that opportunity to drive some bucket-list tracks over the past years!   Without any hesitation I say Watkins Glen is my absolute favorite track.  Sebring, Road Atlanta, and Road America are not far behind.   Getting to meet my Viper customers at these great NARRA venues is a highlight of my job.



If you are a passionate Viper owner like Jon B., and want straight advice with quality parts and service, give him a call at PartsRack. If you find yourself at a track-day and there are a number of Vipers around, there is a good chance he might be there as well!



PartsRack Jon B 2 

Jon B. with our VIR pace car courtesy of Doug Nash.


Sebring Oasis 14

PartsRack decals are on all the USGT cars.


NJMP Podium 2015   
Mopar - Dodge Grand Prix of New Jersey Recap

  The drivers of the canadian pharmacy viagra North American Road Racing Association (NARRA), USGT and Whelen USTT series, competed in the penultimate event of the 2015 season at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) August 29th and 30th. New track records for NJMP’s Thunder Circuit were set and the results also mean that some of the class championships are now secured.


USGT driver, Michael Hartley of RH Motorsports, hosted a Friday evening dinner with all of the drivers and crew in attendance. Hartley considers NJMP his home track and wanted to celebrate the occasion with all of his friends from the NARRA series. A great time was had by all as storytelling and bench racing conversations filled the room.


The GT Unlimited class proved to be a battle between the top three drivers in the championship point race. Mike Hartley (RH Motorsports, Dodge Viper) entered the weekend with the lead over Tom Antonelli (All Chicago Fleet, Dodge Viper) and Jim Stout (Coastal Pet Motorsports, Dodge Viper). Hartley, who is a New Jersey native, had the advantage of the most experience on the pavement at NJMP.  Hartley started from the pole for Saturday’s race and never relinquished the position as he went from flag-to-flag for the victory. Stout did not make it easy for Hartley, hounding him for the duration of the race. At the end only a few car lengths separated the pair. Despite a tremendous effort Antonelli could not quite match the pace of lowest price on non generic levitra his competitors and found himself in third position.  David Brandt had qualified earlier in the day, but overheating issues would keep him out of both the Saturday and viagra online online Sunday races.


GT1 also had an important weekend as class leader Russ Oasis (VERT, PartsRack, Dodge Viper) went head to cheapest prices on generic viagra head against Kurt Sollberger (Swiss-Micron, Dodge Viper). Sollberger qualified better than Oasis earning an important bonus point. In the Saturday race, the duo was seemingly connected by a string as they were nose-to-tail throughout much of the 30 minute race. An early caution flag made for an exciting restart, but Oasis wisely left Sollberger racing room going into turn one. The yellow flag was shown when David Greenman (Parabellum Racing, Chevrolet Corvette). Greenman suffered a suspension component failure and was unable to continue. Unfortunately this also caused Greenman to sit out the Sunday race as well.


In GT3, rookie driver Nicholas Coutu (Porsche Cayman) made his first official NARRA USGT start. Coutu qualified in sixth position overall and maintained that position for the duration of the race. Despite being out-gunned by the high horsepower GTU cars, Coutu drove a very good race and stayed on the lead lap. This was a license-test race for Coutu and his points would not count towards the buy viagra online championship.


Due to a number of cars withdrawing for Sunday’s race, the remaining drivers elected to have a reverse-grid start. A reverse grid start puts the slowest qualifier on the pole and the fastest qualifier in the last position. The net result of all the changes meant that Coutu would be on the pole in front of the highest powered cars in the USGT.  Antonelli, on the left side of Coutu at the start, offered to help the young driver manage the pace as the field bunched up for the start. When the green flag was waved, the three GTU cars of Stout, Hartley, and Antonelli, roared past Coutu and passed him before the first turn. Coutu did a very good job of viagra soft tabs 100 mg maintaining his line and his composure.


The race went the generix cialis full distance under green flag conditions as Hartley and Stout raced off into the distance ahead of Antonelli and we like it Coutu. The power advantage of Hartley allowed him to beat Stout down the straights, but Stout was fast in the corners. At the checkered flag the pair was once again only separated by a few tenths of a second. Antonelli ran clean, but could not find the speed to stay within striking distance of the first and second place GTU cars. With the win, Hartley completed a weekend sweep and extended his lead in GTU.


In the Whelen US Time Trial sessions on Saturday, drivers from three classes turned up to score important points towards the championship. The early story became the decision from Phil Grabow (Element Tuning, Subaru WRX STI) to transition from TT2 to the TTU class. Kevin Parlett (BC Racing / Z1 Motorsports, Infiniti G35) suddenly found himself in a battle with one of the best Subaru tuners in the business. Grabow had some early morning issues with a bent splitter as a result of contact with a tire wall. His team worked quickly and had the car back on track for the afternoon sessions. In the final session of the day, Grabow would find his fastest lap with a 1:26.214. Parlett, seemingly down on power, could not mount a challenge and could only post a 1:33.399.


George Lankas (Sonny Slope Farms, Dodge Viper) was uncontested in TT1, but that did not stop him from putting in a fantastic drive, registering a 1.27.625 in the first session. Lankas knows the what is levitra corners of NJMP very well, but he still elected to take almost every minute of where to buy cheap clomid online lap time available to him.


TT3 was a three way contest between Walter Bobko (Bobko Financial, Form Mustang), Tom Steffey (Subaru WRX STI), and David Coutu (Porsche Cayman). Coutu was campaigning the same car as his son Nicholas was in the USGT races. The car ran strong all weekend without issue despite the high volume of track time. Bobko, the TT3 championship leader installed a new rear spoiler prior to the event and was making adjustments throughout the day. He would go on to set a 1:33.958 and finish third. Steffey obliterated his front bumper and splitter when he went four-wheels-off early in the day. His crew, with help from the guys of Element Tuning, put the car back on track. In the final session, Steffey took the second step of the podium with a 1:33.048. Coutu managed to eclipse Steffey by driving to a 1:32.691.


The Sunday sessions proved to be faster for almost every driver in the competition. Grabow made a few more aero adjustments to his car and buy viagra china the engine cooling elements that resulted in his netting a 1:25.109. Parlett, sensed something more serious was wrong with his car than he previously believed and he retired after setting a 1:31.297 in session one.


Steffey really turned up the heat on the TT3 class competition and recorded a 1:28.778 in session three which put him in first place followed by Coutu in second with a 1:31.264. Bobko, still trying to find the best set-up with his recent changes, finished third with a 1:35.149. Bobko still leads the generic levitra vardenafil TT3 championship as the Whelen USTT heads into the final event of the season.


The final event of the NARRA 2015 season will be held at Pittsburgh International Race Complex on October 17th. With round 13 being the final point scoring opportunity of the season, it is extremely important for the classes with tight championship battles because it is worth double the points of a traditional round. 


  Mopar 2015

Hartley 2015 

Mike Hartley took the GTU victory on both Saturday and Sunday.

NJMP Sollberger 15

 Kurt Sollberger finished first in GT1 Saturday.

NJMP Grabow 2015

Grabow with his trademark smile.


TA Mopar Livery   
Mopar - Dodge Grand Prix of New Jersey Preview


The North American Road Racing Association (NARRA) returns to the Thunderbolt circuit of New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) August 28th-30th. The weekend marks round number 11 and 12 of the 13 round season, as the National Championship picture is starting to come into focus. Dodge can certainly claim the highest amount of buying viagra horsepower to the ground as the entry list starts to build.


The GTU class of the USGT Championship shows the #53 RH Motorsports, Dodge Viper of Mike Hartley in the lead by only six points. Hartley took the lead position from the #415 All Chicago Fleet, Dodge Viper of Tom Antonelli via the results of back-to-back wins at Pitt Race a few weeks ago. Jim Stout and the #1 Coastal Pet Motorsports, Dodge Viper is holding onto third place overall, but is in position to shake up the top three with a good result at NJMP. Don’t count out Ray Sweers and his #44 Positron, Dodge Viper. While Sweers is out of the championship title contention, he could score well enough to move up the ladder. The key element to this weekend could be that NJMP is Hartley’s home track. He knows its corners and secrets better than anyone on the grid.



GT1 is now locked up by the #98 V.E.R.T. Fitness – PartsRack, Dodge Viper of Russ Oasis. His closest competition, #49 Dodge Viper of Dave Moore, ran into problems at the Pitt Race event and will not be able to put the car on the track at NJMP. The two drivers with the most to gain this weekend will be Scott Welham in the #61 McCann Racing, Dodge Viper and the #48 Swiss-Micron, Dodge Viper of Kurt Sollberger. Only one point separates the pair, and with Moore’s absence, they could catapult themselves into the top three before heading into finals in October. Oasis also currently leads the Viper Racing League championship, but that one is far from over. Four other Viper racers are within striking distance of taking the cialis headaches title home.



A similar story has played out in the GT2 competition. Victor Caldarelli Jr. has locked up the national title in his #93 Lintz Collision, Dodge Viper. Caldarelli, in his first full season of GT racing, has racked up six class wins and enough points that he does not need to turn a wheel at NJMP.



The GT3 national title will be going to Zach Davis in the #28, Corvette. Davis had a tight battle going with the #61 Lotus of John Walczak until the June event at VIR. Walczak had a single car incident early in the weekend that sidelined him for the season. NARRA - Whelen USTT driver, Nick Coutu, will be making his first USGT appearance at NJMP, but he will not have an impact on the points.



The Whelen US Time Trial (USTT) outlook also has several clear winners before the season concludes in October. 



TTU is being led by the Paul’s Automotive Engineering, Ford Mustang of Brian Faessler. Faessler, always in contention for the best lap of the weekend, is ahead of the Hero Reward Dodge Viper of Mansen Way. In fact, the duo finished the 2014 season in the exact same positions. Neither driver is on the registration list as of this morning, but Way has an opportunity to regain first overall if he can make the competition.



TT1 is currently a tie for first between the #38 DBW Motorsports, Nissan GTR of rick MacPherson and generic levitra canadian the Pure Tuning Subaru STI of Tony Calabrese.  Each driver needs to score points in one of the remaining weekends to qualify for the title. Right now MacPherson is the only one of the two on the registration list.



The TT2 national title will go to Phil Grabow in his Element Tuning, Subaru STI. Grabow has a big lead over his closest competition, Bruce Chapman. Unfortunately it is almost an impossibility that we will see Chapman, who had to take himself out of the season for health reasons.



Walter Bobko could wrap up the 2015 TT3 title at NJMP with his #88 Bobko Financial, Ford Mustang. Earlier in the season, we mentioned that Bobko was new to the series, but it turns out he just had not been racing with NARRA since 2011. Well, he’s back, and he is already looking to claim a championship. At this point Bobko can only be challenged for the title by the Subaru STI of Tom Steffey. Steffey, at last word, was working hard to get ready in time for the NJMP event. 



This event is open for spectators and tickets can be purchased from NJMP online or at the gate. Don’t miss the action of the NARRA GT cars and the open wheel classes of the Formula Championship Series.



The North American Road Racing Association could not function as well as it does without the help from our sponsors. Mopar and Dodge are the purchasing cialis with next d ay delivery title sponsors of the New Jersey event, as well as providing contingency money for the Dodge Viper drivers competing in the USGT series. Mopar is the exclusive source for authentic original equipment parts and accessories for the millions of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat vehicles. They help their customers personalize, maintain, and increase their vehicles’ performance for the ultimate experience.


  Mopar 2015

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